Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random March Highlights

After browsing through photos taken in March, I figured I would share them all in one post because there are a bunch of random things :-)

The sun going down on my drive home

The dogs looking forlorn on the day we had the carpet cleaned

Duma enjoying her newest 'hiding' place on carpet cleaning day

And the whole view of Duma's 'hiding' spot...haha...crazy cat!

We are given the matching foot rest to the 'dog chair' from my sister and the dogs take turns checking it out:

And Ruby decides it is a great new place to eat a bone:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Canine Visitor

On Thursday, March 24, I found another stray dog. By now, most of you are probably saying, "yeah, no surprise", but each dog we find brings all kinds of new adventures. The darling little black lab has become known as Millie and is about 6 months old. She learned how to use our dog door in less than 2 days (yay for not making messes all over the carpet). Millie will be going to live with her new family on Sunday and we are so excited for them and also thankful to get a little bit of peace back at our house :-)

I love dogs, but we sure were glad that Polly was calming down since she is about a year old now. If you would like to see the craziness that ensues with the new puppy around, check out this youtube video.

And a few pictures of Millie:

Standing in my office the morning I found her

Laying in the parking lot, chewing on her temporary leash, while I was trying to take her to the vet to see if she had a microchip

Polly looks really big now!

Cute little fuzzy baby :-)

Giving me 'the look' when I told her she didn't need to go outside and bark

Polly on the left, Millie on the right, and Toby in the background

On her 'date' with her new family on Saturday evening :-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pretty, Tasty Dessert

I found a recipe using strawberries because they are so good right now! Here are some photos of the process:

Every good recipe starts with butter, right?!

The fixin's

Time for a little art :-)

Proof that a real human made this food

You can never go wrong with brown sugar and cinnamon

Another use for a muffin tin


and the rest of the ingredients

Ta da! The finished product :-)

Go to Sunflower Farmers Market's website for the recipe:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Animal Update

A few videos of the dogs enjoying play time: (Turn up the volume to hear Ruby 'speak')
(Polly Racing around the house)
(Polly playing with a tennis ball)

And we can't forget the cats:

All 3 - a very rare sight to see




And we can't forget a quick look at a few 'house' projects:

Check out the new greenhouse in the right corner :-) Soon we are hoping to grow some strawberries!

entryway prior to installation of a concrete ramp

existing concrete remove at end of ramp and area coated with a bonding agent

the concrete slowly drying and the 'improvised' ramp to allow it to be finished smooth (I have not taken a photo of the beautiful, dry ramp that we have been using for over a week now...but I will, soon)

And what more can you ask for as an ending than a pretty sunset?!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A lot has happened this year...

It has been forever, it seems, since I posted anything. So to recap, Ruby, Amy, Toby, (the cats, lizard, and tarantula) Dave and I have been back to our routines. But about a month ago a new fuzzy member joined the family. Polly is a 5 month old crazy ball of fluff...some sort of labrador mix...and was found in the desert S. of town. My cousin's boyfriend, Jimmy, was out hunting with a friend early on Friday, August 27 and they came across 3 puppies that someone had dumped. My cousin, at the time, was 8 months pregnant (and just had the baby on Monday!) so she was not able to keep the boys, but she found them great homes.

(Princess of the railroad ties)

So Miss Polly has jumped right in and now happily resides as the center of attention in the family. She keeps Toby busy so that Amy and Ruby can catch a few extra zzzz's and makes us all laugh. And she is almost potty trained (almost means, no more than 2 small accidents per day...usually no more than one...hey, give her a break, she is only a puppy!).

And on to the photos:

(Toby on the left, Polly on the right)



Toby and Polly 'yelling' at each other...very funny!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye Dear Snoopy

Snoopy, my faithful companion of 17 years (January 24, 1993 - January 30, 2010) was laid to rest yesterday. It was the most difficult decision to make, and even though I am incredibly sad and miss her so much, I know it was the right time.

Snoopy was born in the shed at the house where I grew up. She was one of 9 puppies in an 'accidental litter' (the neighbor's dog dug under our fence, and next thing you know, our amazingly stubborn 80 lb Chow/Rottweiler had more puppies than we knew what to do with). Rottie, Snoopy's sister who was with us until last March, was born 4th, and Snoopy was #7/8 (she had a twin that didn't live for more than a few days) and the runt of the litter did not make it either. Snoopy was always a unique dog...did not want to stay with anyone but me. We tried to find her a home, but she was returned to us, twice, for refusing to eat and being so scared that she would just hide in the yard. My parents knew that Snoopy needed to stay.

Before Snoopy was a year old, someone opened the back gate to our yard and let our four dogs (Snoopy, Rottie, their mom 'Copper', and our other dog Osa) loose. My dad just happened to be coming home for lunch that day and saw a group of dogs standing in the road. As he got closer, he realized those were our dogs, and that Snoopy was laying in the road. She had been struck by a car and the other dogs had formed a circle around her to keep her safe. My dad rushed her to the vet, and that night Snoopy was sent home. We were told she would recover better where she felt safe. I will never forget the image of my poor battered puppy...a scar above her left eye, mostly lost vision in that same eye, and a missing bottom left canine. She would forever more have an adorable crooked smile and her tongue would hang out of her mouth.

Well, as all of you know, Snoopy obviously recovered from the car accident. She continued to amaze us with her determination to live indoors when we moved to a new house. We had a chain link dog run built on the side for Snoopy and Rottie, yet somehow Snoopy would be sitting outside the back door when I got home from school. We soon realized that Snoopy would put her feet in the fence and climb right over!

So we put Snoopy in the walled enclosure where the pool was. the front was wrought iron so you could see the pool from the back porch. Snoopy dug under the fence; so my parents put concrete down. Then Snoopy squeezed through the bars next to the wall (maybe a 5 inch gap!). We anchored an L shaped piece of metal to the wall. She was so determined, that she did earn her way to being a house-dog. That was probably 10-11 years ago!

As Snoopy got older, she lost almost all her hearing...and slowly got cataracts in both eyes. She lost a few more teeth to dental disease, but none of this stopped her from always being by my side. No matter what apartment, and then house I moved to, she always wanted to be with me. She always learned where the furniture was and walked slowly around it. Even just a few days ago, she was so happy when I got home that she ran around the house like the little maniac I always knew.

But life was starting to pass Snoopy by. She was unable to go for regular walks with us. I worried about her tripping and not being able to get up without help. She became very picky about food...only ate when I mixed dry and wet food and served it to her with a spoon. I began to realize that I was keeping her here by forcing her to eat twice a day, but her little body was mostly done. At the prime of her life she was 45 lbs. Back in Nov. the scale at the vet showed '29.5'.

As strong as Snoopy was, it was not worth her living out the rest of her life in that condition. We made the choice to take her to the vet and allow her to be with Rottie again.

Even through the tears, I know Snoopy is running and jumping again. She is barking and racing in circles enjoying her life once more.

And so today, we tell Snoopy, our amazing friend, goodbye once more!